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(Q) How quickly will I get an offer on my property?
(A) Once we have gathered all relevant information we will in most cases be able to forward a cash offer instantly.

(Q) How much will i get for my property?
(A) We offer you upto 85% of the true market value valuation. remember you will have no other fees to pay.

(Q) How fast will i have the cash after the sale of my property
(A) On the same day as the completion of your property. However should you require an advance, we can pay upto 10% of the purchase price instantly, upon exchange of contracts.

(Q) What type of properties do you buy ?
(A) We will purchase any type of properties, houses, petrol stations, public houses & land regardless of location or condition. Even if your property has person(s) residing under a tenancy agreement or lease.

(Q) Can i have a cash advance?
(A) Yes- As some home owners are financially struggling  so we can forward an upfront interest free cash advance upon exchange of contracts.

(Q) My house is in a very poor condition?
(A) That is not a problem we will buy regardless of the condition of your property.

(Q) Will anybody know about the sale?
(A) No, your sale is strictly private and confidential.

(Q) My house has been repossessed can you do anything for me?
Yes, we can help. It must be in the early stages of the repossession and there must still be equity in your property but we can certainly help you avoid this situation but it is imperative that you act quickly and get in touch.

(Q) Do I have to accept this offer straight away?
Not at all. You are under no obligation to accept our offer straight away. In most cases our offer is valid for up to 30 days although this can be dependent upon individual circumstances. We offer a free, no obligation valuation and our offer is valid for a full 30 days allowing you to ensure this is the right move for you.

(Q) My property is due to be repossessed tomorrow can you help me?
Yes you can contact us immediately, but you must have equity in your property along with details of your bank/building society whom are repossessing your property.

(Q) Do you charge any fees?
No. Any House Wanted offers a range of private quick house sale services. We’re not estate agents and we buy your property for cash so we don’t need to charge you in the way that an estate agency will. There are no hidden costs, fees or charges associated with our service. In fact, we’ll even pay your legal fees and your valuation fee as a thank you for choosing to use us!
Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t charge you for an expensive valuation and we won’t add on any costs after the sale. We simply offer a fair, cash price for your property and take care of all of the legwork to make the sale as quick and easy as possible.

(Q) Do I need a Solicitor?
As with any property transaction, you will need a solicitor to complete the legal formalities. If you do not already have a solicitor, then we can recommend one. As part of our service we will make all the arrangements and pay your legal costs on the sale of your property providing you use a firm on our panel.
Ultimately, you do need a solicitor to ensure everything is handled as it should be but we will take care of all of the formalities.

(Q) Do you offer buy back options?
Yes. We frequently offer vendors the option to buy their property back at a later date, normally this option is valid for 2 years. We agree a price with you at the time you sell your property to us and that price remains fixed for the period of the buy back option. If you change your mind and do not want to buy the property back then you do not have to.

(Q) Are you an estate agency?
No. Any house wanted is a firm that specialises in buying properties in a direct private sale from UK homeowners. Our service is much the same as arranging a private sale with another individual but we save you money as you won’t need to advertise your property. We also save you time as we give you a guaranteed offer within 24 hours of viewing your property. Individual buyers may drop out after offer – we don’t. Using an estate agent will add time to the house selling process and you’ll have to pay them a percentage of your selling price in fees.
We provide an efficient, reliable service allowing you to get cash for your property in the shortest time frame possible. We’ll even pay your legal fees and your valuation fee as a thank you for choosing to use Any House Wanted.

(Q) Do I need to complete lots of paperwork?
No. You will need to sign an agreement with us and complete the normal legal documentation associated with any property sale. We will liaise with the solicitor and your existing mortgage or loan company, and take care of all the formalities on your behalf.
Our job is to make this as quick and easy as possible for you whilst taking care of all the financial aspects and formalities.